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DBO1 Dante Breakout Box

Four Audio DBO1 Front

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  • 8 analog outputs (balanced XLR)
  • optional 4 AES/EBU outputs (8 channels, balanced XLR)
  • optional 4 AES/EBU inputs (8 channels), balanced XLR, available in Q3/2013
  • word clock output
  • gigabit network connection – for lowest latency
  • Dante glitch free redundancy – a very important feature for live events
  • integrated network switch
    • third network connector for connecting none Dante devices to network without need of additional switch
    • supports ‘non redundant mode’ (‘switched mode’) for secondary network connector
  • supported sample rates: 44,1, 48, 88,2, 96, 176,4 and 192 kHz
  • front panel:
    • Bright Identify LED for device identification
    • Network status LEDs
    • Status LEDs for each channel: signal present, mute, subscription status, error
  • Attenuation, phase invert, mute for each channel
Four Audio DBO1 Rear

Download a high resolution picture here

Dante benefits

  • Plug-and-play technology – automatic discovery and simple signal routing
  • Reduced Cost & Complexity- No special skills required to set up audio networking
  • Sample accurate playback synchronization
  • Lowest latency available from any networking technology
  • Deterministic latency throughout the network
  • Scalable, flexible network topology supporting a large number of senders and receivers
  • Supports mix of 100 Mbps, 1Gbps, through 10Gbps networks
  • Supports a single integrated network for audio, video, control and monitoring
  • Uses inexpensive, off-the-shelf computer networking equipment
  • Direct connection to PCs for multi-channel playback using a Dante Virtual Soundcard for both PCs and Macs
  • AVB Ready

Technical Data

Max. Output Level    +18 dBu
Dynamic Range    118 dB (A-weighted)
115 dB (linear weighted)
THD (f) @+4dBu    -114 dB
Max. Input Level    +14 dBu
Input Sensitivity    -46 to +14 dBu
Input Supply    48 V phantom power or 4 mA constant current supply

Audio Performance Measurements

The plots below show some measurements on the frequency response, total harmonic distortion and noise of the DBO1. Please click on any of the plots to open a gallery. More detailed measurements can be found in the manual.

DBO1 Frequency Response @0dBFS THD / THD+N @1kHz DBO1 THD(f) @+4dBu DBO1 Noise Spectrum