Find below an incomplete list of reference installations / usage of our own products. For obvious reasons, OEM products are not listed, here.

WinMF is by being used by countless companies, developers and consultants all over the world, e.g. for room-acoustic measurements, speaker development and quality control in series production.

The ELF is being used worldwide by professional audio companies and big global players for internal research, as well as by measurement laboratories which provide measurement services to other companies.

Same holds for the ANT turntable.

Our Wavefield-Synthesis modules are used in several installations:

Technical University of Berlin

  • Lecture room with 104 modules (832 channels)
  • Studio with 24 modules (192 channels)

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

  • Research lab with 26 modules (208 channels)

Hamburg University for Music and Theatre

  • Concert hall with 35 modules and mobile system with 36 modules

Humboldt-Forum in Berlin

  • 32 modules in the “Kuppelsaal”

Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, Netherlands

  • 32 modules in the new Amare building