Loudspeaker Management System

(end of life)

Crystal clear sound.

For crystal clear audio from your loudspeaker system, Four Audio provides a loudspeaker management system with yet unheard audio performance, freely combinable IIR and FIR equalization and separate precision peak and RMS limiters in each output.

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Variants of the HD2

The HD2 is available with and without Dante support. Additionally, blackbox devices are available with and without Dante support. For installations where a direct interface at the device is not necessary or unwanted, blackbox devices reduce costs significantly.

Modules For Customized Solutions

The HD2 is also available as a module to be mounted inside speaker cabinets or self-designed housings. Just provide voltage supply and in- and output jacks. As well as the HD2 devices, the modules are remote controllable by Ethernet. PCB sizes are 11 × 13 cm (4 outputs) or 20 × 13 cm (8 outputs).


  • 96 kHz / 48 bit processing
  • ADC inputs configurable to provide 4 normal or 2 dual range inputs with extended dynamic range
  • AES / EBU digital IO
  • Dante audio network support
  • Wordclock In/Out (Dante)
  • sample rate converter
  • 8 analog outputs
  • operation via ethernet
  • operating software (Win/Linux/Mac) provided
  • mainboard available for customized solutions
  • front panel or blackbox version available
  • also available with 4 outputsh

Signal Processing

  • IIR filters: up to 96 fully parametric high precision filters freely configurable
  • IIR crossover filters with 6-60 dB/octave
  • FIR filters: 1 provided for each output channel
  • Mixed linear and minimum phase equalization possible
  • Max. frequency resolution: 3 Hz
  • Separate limiter thresholds for amps (peak and RMS) and loudspeakers (peak and temp.)
  • Interface to Monkey Forest for FIR filter and limiter calculation
Audio Performance
Max. input level +28, +21, oder +15 dBu (selectable)
Max. output level +18 dBu
Frequency Response (-0.5 dB) 4 up to 45 kHz
Dynamic Ranges
ADC > 130 dB (dual range mode)
118 dB (single range mode)
DAC 121 dB
Overall 121 dB (dual range mode)
THD (1 kHz)
ADC -113 dB (+4 dBu)
-105 dB (0 dBFS)
DAC -110 dB (+4 dBu)
-102 dB (+18 dBu)

All values ref. 20 Hz – 20 kHz, linear weighting


The following plots are taken from a PDF containing audio perfomance measurements executed with a UPD (Rohde + Schwarz). Click on the images to enlarge them.