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Four Audio develops audio- and measurement technology in hardware and software at the highest technical level in professional sound reinforcement. Areas of application include public address, art, church, concert and other occasions where the best sound quality is required.

Do you need advice?

You are a manufacturer of sound reinforcement or hi-fi loudspeakers or a system integrator and need high-quality and easy-to-use DSP / power amplifier solutions? You want a complete range of loudspeakers incl. DSP / power amplifier technology incl. system software, beamsteering, SPL calculation? We advise you, develop and produce OEM solutions, if you need services beyond our products.

Our offer

We supply measurement technology and software that covers a very wide range of measurements for loudspeakers and room acoustics as well as enabling automated QC solutions. Our scalable system software covers a very wide range: from preset creation for DSPs incl. FIR filter calculation for loudspeaker equalization to SPL calculation for distributed systems and multiple listening areas, beamsteering and system equalization.


Our algorithm is different.

Four Audio’s beamsteering algorithm differs fundamentally from the conventional approach, which uses beam parameters (inclination, aperture angle) to try to sound an area as evenly as possible. Instead, the user defines the listening areas as well as the position and orientation of the loudspeaker. The algorithm then iteratively calculates FIR filters for the individual loudspeaker channels to achieve the best possible uniform sound distribution on the listener surface(s). Furthermore, blocking surfaces can be defined, which may be exposed to as little sound as possible (e.g. the ceiling or the rear wall). Another upstream FIR filter then ensures that the frequency response on the listening area corresponds to the user’s wishes (Auto EQ). The algorithm can also be applied to curved arrays.

What do you gain with our beamsteering?

Four Audio’s beamsteering allows the user to get optimum results even if the speaker system is installed under bad conditions, for example hanging too high, without suitable curving or even completely straight. This is usually the case e.g. in theaters, in installations where space is limited or architectural demands are important. Our beamsteering can form and direct the beam in a way that even for such conditions very good results can be achieved.

Furthermore, the directivity of the system can be changed by software for varying situations, for exmaple if the floor is used only partly or fully, or a balcony has to be considered or not. So the systems can be adapted in directivity and EQ without making changes to the physically installed loudspeaker system itself. Just simply switching presets will do the job. For conventional use, the Four Audio beamforming and prediction software will reduce time to setup dramatically, as it is a closed system with auto EQ funcionality. This, usually optimizes the EQ in way that no manual setups are needed anymore. Setup time is reduced to approx. 5 minutes even for very large systems

Cutting Edge Solutions for Measurement Systems

Whether 360° directivity measurement, balloon measurement or evaluation of own measurements, here you will find the solution you need.


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