Dante Breakout Box

Here you can load a Leaflet, a Quickstart Manual and audio performance measurements. More downloads on our downloads page.

2 Channel Dante Breakout box based on the Dante Ultimo Chipset

This small 2 channel IO box based on the new Dante Ultimo solution is a cost effective but high quality solution for getting analog signals into or out from a Dante audio network without much infrastructure. It’s small and can be placed under the desk, onto a wall.
It features high quality AD/DA converters and a programmable microphone preamp. This can be used for speech / music installations in buildings, multiroom installattions, for PA systems or even as a high quality soundcard for notebooks or PCs. Power can be supplied via ethernet (PoE) or an external 5V supply. Simultaneous supply by PoE and external supply is possible to achieve redundancy.
All parameters can be controlled remotely by software.


  • 2 analog inputs (balanced symm.) for line / microphone level
    • microphone preamps with sensitivites from -45 to +30 dBu
    • 48V phantom power
    • switchable 70Hz Low Cut / High Pass Filter
    • 115 dB(A) dynamic range (suitable for PA systems!)
  • 2 analog outputs
    • output gain +15 dBu
    • 117 dB(A) dynamic range (audio performance measurements here)
  • 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz / 24 bit audio format
  • power supply via power over ethernet (PoE) or/and external 5V power supply
    • 5W power consumption
  • settings and indicators
    • Input Sensitivity
    • 48V Phantom Power
    • 70 Hz Low Cut / High Pass
    • Configurable via front panel or remotely by software
    • Status LEDs for Network, Sensitivity, Phantom power, Low cut filter
  • Robust Metal Housing – 195 × 125 × 39 mm (smaller than 9.5”) – Weight: 725 g

OEM Solutions / Customization

The DBS1 is packed with features to be a very versatile device. For high volume customers, Four Audio supplies custom designs with reduced features for saving costs and fitting the device box to the needs of the customers. Digital IO (AES) is also available

Examples for Custom Designs

  • no PoE supply
  • fixed gain, no microphone inputs
  • only inputs or outputs
  • no front panel / fixed settings
  • AES in- / output only (extremely cost effective)
  • 4 mA constant current supply for measurement microphones, accelerometers, …

Dante Ultimo Benefits

  • Plug-and-play technology – automatic discovery and simple signal routing
  • Reduced Cost & Complexity- No special skills required to set up audio networking
  • Sample accurate playback synchronization
  • Lowest latency available from any networking technology
  • Deterministic latency throughout the network
  • Scalable, flexible network topology supporting a large number of senders and receivers
  • Supports mix of 100 Mbps, 1Gbps, through 10Gbps networks
  • Supports a single integrated network for audio, video, control and monitoring
  • Uses inexpensive, off-the-shelf computer networking equipment
  • Direct connection to PCs for multi-channel playback using a Dante Virtual Soundcard for both PCs and Macs
Technical Data
Max. Output Level +15 dBu (adjustable until -48dBu)
Dynamic Range AD/DA 115 dB(A)/117 dB(A)
THD+N AD/DA -105/-105 dB
Input Sensitivity -45 dBu up to +30 dBu
Phantom Power 48V
Audio Format 24 Bit / 48 kHz
Power Consumption 5W / 5V
Power Supply PoE or external 5V Supply
Dimensions  195 × 125 × 39 mm
Weight 725 g

Detailed audio performance measurements are available here


If you are interested in ordering or have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us directly.