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HD2 High End Loudspeaker and Room processor

HD2 High End

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Our High-End HD2 has everything the audio enthusiast's heart desires:

  • unmatched audio performance using dual range AD converters
  • 48 bit signal processing
  • FIR filters for creating a linear phase system of controller and speaker
  • optional measurement and room correction session
  • CNC milled solid body aluminum housing, no fan -> no electric and acoustic emissions
  • perfect shielding due to single compartments for electric components
  • Supports Dante audio network / upgradable to AVB

Audio Performance

Max. input level +28, +21, or +15 dBu (selectable)
Max. output level +18 dBu
Frequency response (-0.5 dB) 4 up to 45 kHz
Dynamic ranges
ADC > 130 dB (dual range mode)
118 dB (single range mode)
DAC 121 dB
Overall 121 dB (dual range mode)
THD (1 kHz)
ADC -113 dB (+4 dBu)
-105 dB (0 dBFS)
DAC -110 dB (+4 dBu)
-102 dB (+18 dBu)
All values ref. 20 Hz – 20 kHz, linear weighting